Preliminary Lien Services

Whether you're an architect, design professional, supplier or contractor, preliminary california lien services are essential to protecting your construction lien rights. They're also a way to ensure all major project stakeholders have the same information about your company and the work you've done, so they can be prepared if payment is ever questioned.
Preliminary Lien Services
Depending on the state where your construction project is located, a preliminary notice or a preliminary lien is required. These notices are usually sent at or near the start of a project, but they can also be sent before you actually begin work. Some states even require them to be sent before you sign a contract, though not always.
This means that if you don't send a preliminary lien in the right time, you may not receive full coverage for the construction project and could lose your ability to file a mechanics lien claim.
If you do send a preliminary notice in the right time, however, it will protect your lien rights for the first 20 days of a job.
A preliminary notice is required by law in many states for any party that furnishes labor, materials, equipment or supplies to a construction project. It can be delivered personally or by certified, registered or first class mail before work begins, or supplies are delivered, and up to 20 days after. It is also required to be served on a person who has contracted for the purchase of the labor, material, equipment or supplies being furnished.
The notice should include a general description of the labor, material, equipment or supplies and an estimate of the total price. It should also be accompanied by a Proof of Service Affidavit, either photocopied from a record kept by the mail service or a certificate of delivery issued by the post office.
We will provide you with a Preliminary Notice Service at an affordable cost that will protect your property and give you peace of mind. We will research your property owner, legal property description, bonding information and NOCs (if applicable) to prepare and mail the proper preliminary lien notice to protect your assets.
It's easy, fast and saves you precious time that can be spent on other business activities. You can get started in less than five minutes by completing the quick form on our website or by giving us a call to speak with a dedicated account manager. Click here to discover more about preliminary lien services.
Our experienced team of researchers will verify actual property ownership, financial lender information, bonding companies involved and the jobsite and general contractor information before sending a preliminary notice that conforms to state requirements.
This is a great value for any size of contractor and provides a thorough, professional package that's much less than what you'd pay at a traditional collection agency.
Using our easy-to-use and automated system, you'll be able to send a preliminary lien without any of the hassle and expense associated with filing it yourself. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to your project and you can rest assured that the process is going to be handled by a qualified professional. To get more information related to this topic, Check this page:
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