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Preliminary lien services are a critical component of a project’s payment process. In addition to allowing construction participants to communicate their lien rights, these services help ensure that payments are secured on every job.
Taking steps to ensure that your company is paid on time is essential in a credit-heavy industry like the construction industry. Without the right tools to protect your payment, you could find yourself stuck in a cycle of late payments.
Many states require subcontractors, suppliers and other parties involved in a project to send preliminary notices in order to secure their mechanics lien rights. These notices notify key project stakeholders, such as property owners and general contractors, of your involvement in a project and what to expect in terms of payment. View here to read more about hiring the services of preliminary lien experts.
The information contained in a preliminary notice may vary by state, but it is typically comprised of:
Your name and contact details;
A description of the job site, including legal property descriptions, NOCs and bonding information when applicable;
If the claimant is delivering materials to the jobsite, they should be prepared to show evidence that delivery was made.
The most common type of delivery is via certified mail. This method of service ensures that if a conflict arises, a proof of service affidavit is available to support the claimant’s claim.
Another option for delivering the preliminary lien is hand-delivered, but this can make it harder to prove the claimant’s service.
Some states will also require that the claimant file a proof of service affidavit if hand-delivered, so it’s always best to have this documentation on hand.
Using a Preliminary Lien Service can Be Easy
As the name suggests, preliminary california lien services involve sending a preliminary notice to a property owner and/or general contractor. In most states, the notice must be delivered within 20 days of starting work or delivering materials to a jobsite.
Having this documentation on hand can help you avoid the frustration of missing a payment or a dispute over payment. It will also allow you to show that your company is serious about securing their lien rights on every job.
The best part about having this service is that it’s a quick and simple task to complete.
If you’re a subcontractor or supplier, it’s crucial to understand your lien rights on every project so that you can get paid when it’s due. Providing a valid, well-written preliminary notice is the first step to securing your lien rights on any jobsite.
Flexbase helps you to prepare and submit your preliminary lien on time by automatically generating error-free preliminary lien forms and sending them via certified mail, email and text messages. Schedule a demo today and see how Flexbase can make your life easier!
We’ve been a trusted source for preliminary lien services since 1976. Whether you’re a material supplier or subcontractor, we have the expertise and resources to help you get paid faster. We can even provide you with an experienced account manager to guide you through the process and answer any questions along the way. Open this link for more information about this topic:
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